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Grandview Cyber Projector Screens

Grandview Cyber Home Cinema Projector Screens
We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of Grandview Projection Screens. Grandview is one of the worlds leading projection screen manufacturers, designing screens for both commercial cinema and home theatre installations. The company has invested millions of dollars building a modern facility housing the most up to date research and development systems.
We stock a huge range of cinema screens from 6ft to 11ft in fixed frame, electric and in-ceiling formats, all certified by the Imaging Science Foundation.

Optoma 4K Home Cinema Projectors

Optoma 4K Home Cinema Projectors
A innovator in projection technology, Optoma are the first manufacturer to develop an affordable 4K projector using the new 4K UHD DLP imaging chip. We are the UK distributor for all the new 4K home cinema projector models, holding stock for next day delivery.
Optoma are offering 3 years warranty on both the 4K projector and the lamp!

Truaudio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

TruAudio Speakers
Based in Utah USA, Truaudio is a well established speaker company, manufacturing high quality in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor custom installation speakers. They were the first to introduce a trimless magnetic grill design into the market and are a very well respected speaker brand in America.
The most popular in the range is the Ghost series of in-ceiling speakers which have uniquely completely white frames, speaker cones and tweeters.

Close ceiling projector mount

Into AV - Universal Precision Close Ceiling Mount
The new universal ceiling mount is the perfect solution for installing your high end projectors. The kit comes with an extension pole that will allow you to have a total drop from ceiling to the projector of 265mm, as well as a short pole to fit close to the ceiling which measures 110mm in total.

Nuetec HDMI over Fibre Optical Cables

Nuetec - Hybrid Fibre Optic HDMI cable
Fibre optics provides the speed and bandwidth needed for the best picture quality for UHD video at lengths up to 160 feet – no extenders, baluns, amplifiers or external power supplies are required.

Viper Data In wall Access Points

Viper Data In-Wall Access Points
Creating a single WiFi network across a large property was once expensive and complicated, not anymore! By using a simple POE switch and the Viper in-wall, on-ceiling or outside access points the installer can setup a solid even network.
Installers have found these units reliable and easy to use, but we can pre programme these units for you in advance.

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