Phase Intelligent Lighting

Phase Smart In-Line Dimmer

Phase Lighting Dimer Switch – L7-HDM
The system consists of a HOST switch that sits on the WiFi network, allowing for full App control. The HOST switch then communicates with the next nearest unit via a zigbee network, creating a reliable chain of communication. The system can also work as standard switches and dimmers with no network required.

The L7-HDM is a compact unit that simply requires a permanent 240v supply.
The output of the dimmer can power a range of halogen and dimmable LED lamps and can be programmed to work as part of the Phase system.
As well as full App control, the Phase wall mounted dimmers can be assigned to fully control this unit.

Using the app, you can turn on the device or set a timer as to when the device turns on and off. This can also be done remotely.



Phase App Available for android or Apple

Phase L8-HM In Line Switch



Item no: L7-HDM

Weight: 0.15kg

Packing box size: 90×30×45mm

Bottom Materials: Retardant PC

Rated voltage: AC 110-250V 50/60Hz

Wireless standards: IEEE 802.15.4

Frequency range: 2.405GHz~2.480GHz

Receiving sensitivity: -97dBm@250kbps

Operating temperature: -25 degree to +60 degree

Relative humidity:<95%38

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