Phase Intelligent Lighting

Phase Smart In-Line Switch

Phase Lighting Dimer Switch – L7-HM
The system consists of a HOST switch that sits on the WiFi network, allowing for full App control. The HOST switch then communicates with the next nearest unit via a zigbee network, creating a reliable chain of communication. The system can also work as standard switches and dimmers with no network required.

The L8-HM The In-Line switch that can handle up to 10AMPS. Can be programmed to work as part of a scene and operated with a scene controller or App.

Using the app, you can turn on the device or set a timer as to when the device turns on and off. This can also be done remotely.



Phase App Available for android or Apple

Phase L8-HM In Line Switch



Item no: L8-HM

Weight: 0.15kg

Packing box size: 90×30×45mm

Bottom Materials: Retardant PC

Rated voltage: AC 110-250V 50/60Hz

Wireless standards: IEEE 802.15.4

Frequency range: 2.405GHz~2.480GHz

Receiving sensitivity: -97dBm@250kbps

Operating temperature: -25 degree to +60 degree

Relative humidity:<95%38

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