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Formed in 1980, Webro are a UK based cable company offering quality, value for money installation cables. All Speaker and Cat6 cables are LSNH (Low Smoke Non-Halogen) and are Class Eca Construction Products Regulation approved. Speaker cable is available in 16, 14 and 12 gauge with 2 and 4 core. All CAT6 cable is HDBaseT certified.  

Webro Speaker Cables
Webro Speaker Cables

Speaker Cable

We offer a wide range of high-quality professional grade speaker cables from stock, suitable for both high-end domestic installations and commercial use, including tour grade and outdoor cables. Our speaker cables use oxygen-free copper, ensuring the best sound quality.

16/2 – 2 Core 16AWG LSNH Violet (200m Drum)
16/4 – 4 Core 16AWG LSNH Violet (200m Drum)
14/2 – 2 Core 14AWG LSNH Violet (100m Drum)
14/4 – 4 Core 14AWG LSNH Violet (100m Drum)
12/2 – 2 Core 12AWG LSNH Violet (100m Drum)
12/4 – 4 Core 12AWG LSNH Violet (100m Drum)

Cat6 Data Cable

Our Cat6 ethernet cable is HDBaseT approved and available up to CPR class B2ca in a range of colours and screening options.

4 pair cable with solid bare copper conductor, HDPE insulation, and LSNH sheath.

Available in Blue, Orange and Green.

External Cat6 cable only available in Black

Comes in 305m Box.

Webro Coax Cables

Coax Cables

RG6 cable is ideal for use where the superior performance of our WF range is not required. This includes low power video, broadband, transmitters, receivers, and radio.

WF100 cable is the UK’s most popular coaxial cable for TV and Satellite installations and is widely regarded as the highest quality coaxial cable in the market.

Not only is WF100 CAI-approved, it also meets the Cca s1b, d2, a2 CPR substandards required by BS6701 for the installation of telecommunications cables.

Also available in Low smoke non halogen

Comes in 250m Drum

Audio Cable (Including active subwoofers)

Our WEB TPFS cable is ideal for use with digital audio, as well as analogue microphone and line level signals.

Suitable for digital and analogue audio signals.

A 1 pair cable made from stranded tinned copper conductor, foam PE insulation, overall bonded aluminium foil screen, and black LSNH sheath. The core colours are red and black and in a 100m real

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