Pulse Eight Key Features

In a world of mass-produced AV equipment, Pulse Eight stands out from the crowd by manufacturing every Pulse-Eight product ourselves, all from their head office in Poole, Great Britain.

Utilising a carefully selected team of passionate engineering and manufacturing staff, who are at the top of the HDBaseT and Video distribution industry, means that all products have been designed and built to the very best standard. But that’s not all. Check out why you should choose Pulse-Eight below.

Pulse Eight Matrix

We all know that HDBaseT matrices and extenders have their problems, The neo range offers the solution!

How does it help you the installer?

By Logging into neo portal the installer can access the matrix and a unique range of monitoring tools enabling issues to be resolved on or off site quickly and easily .


The uniquely designed test allows the installer to check the bandwidth quality between the matrix and the receivers. This quickly determines any termination or cable issues.



Using the portal you can access information on power, see the connected devices and information about them and even see the temperature history. 


The IT activity tool enables you to see a visual indication that the IR is being received at the output end without being in front of the TV. 

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