Grandview Home Cinema Projector Screens

We hold one of the biggest stock of projection screens in the UK, all for next day delivery to you or to site. From 7ft manual pull downs, to 150” diagonal fixed frame acoustic designs. We even stock Tab Tensioned and in-ceiling recessed screens with motorised trap doors!

All electric screens have built in 12volt trigger, IR and RS232 control. Material is tested and approved by ISF (Imaging Science Foundation). 

Grandview Projector Screens

Grandview 16:9 Edge R4 Fixed Frame Screen

Grandview  Fixed Frame Edge Screens 
The Edge series of fixed frame Projection screens offer the ultimate in 4K and 8K Ultra HD projection surface while also remaining uniformly flat. Ideal for permanent more dedicated cinema rooms, the fixed frame design with 15mm narrow surround gives a true cinematic experience.

High Tensioned Surface 
The multiply ultra smooth 4K and 8K vinyl projection screen material is kept under high tension by a unique means found only in Grandview products. Steel bars are inserted into a looped seem that runs round the edge of the material. The bars are then fixed into the aluminium frame, causing the material to be pulled evenly from all four sides.

Frame Design
The super rigid narrow frame is only 15mm wide and constructed of extruded aluminium. The material is mounted to a 2nd larger frame located behind it which also features a central support bar resulting in a super rigid structure. The frame secured to the wall via two long aluminium brackets, the lower bracket allows the installer to lock the screen into place.

The most important aspect of any screen is its ability to bounce the correct amount of light back at the audience without altering colour repro duction and contrast ratios. The new Grandview Edge UHD130 Series fixed screens use an ultra smooth material for up to 8K resolutions and keeps picture reproduction as accurate as possible. The material has a low gain rating of 1, keeping contrast levels high and offering a wide even viewing angle.

Installation of Edge Screen
The pre-made measured belt allows installation to be quick and easy, so that it can be done by one person.

Other features and measurements 
Just like televisions, projector screens are measured in imperial feet and inches. The screen is measured by the width of the material from left to right. The standard sizes are 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10 and 11ft (All in stock). The viewable area is the white part of the screen which is slightly smaller due to the surrounding black borders.

Size Viewable Area Diagonal Case Size MM
6ft Wide 1705 x 959mm 77" 1735 x 989 x 30
7ft Wide 2037 x 1146mm 92" 2067 x 1176 x 30
8ft Wide 2347 x 1320mm 106" 2377 x 1350 x 30
9ft Wide 2657 x 1494mm 120" 2687 x 1524 x 30
10ft Wide 3055 x 1718mm 138" 3085 x 1748 x 30
11ft Wide 3321 x 1868mm 150" 3351 x 1898 x 30

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