Lightspeed – Fibre Optic HDMI Cables

Each Cable is tested and Certificated for all 8K bandwidths

The introduction of 8K UHD to the market has highlighted the issues with transmitting this signal over long distance via normal HDMI. The losses in bandwidth at 7m and above are significant enough to prevent displays locking onto higher quality 4k/8K signals. A solution to this is converting the picture part of the signal to light and transmitting it via fibre optic cable. Light Speed Fibre Optic HDMI cables transmit 8K at 60Hz full bandwidth 4:4:4 UHD resolution with no need for baluns or additional power supplies. 

Lightspeed 8K HDMI Cables

Lightspeed – Fibre Optic HDMI Cables

The embedded light engine draws its power from the source and display device while copper cables are used for the EDID, HDCP and ARC audio. This results in the best possible picture performance and fast syncing times.

  • Available in 7 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 20 and 30m lengths
  • Superior to all copper cable HDMI transmission systems
  • Individually tested in the UK for full compliance with all HDMI signal
  • Latest 48Gbps Support for 4K/8K 120 Hz/60Hz HDMI 2.1
  • Lighter and more superior to all conventional copper cables
  • Immunity to Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference

Please ensure when installing:

The cables are installed the correct way around by following the diagram.

Fibre optic cables have a bend radius of no less than 6cm/2.4in. Please keep this in mind when installing the cables in wall and around objects

The cables have a max pull tension of 15Kg/33lbs. Care must be taken when feeding and pulling cables within walls.

Power off all equipment before connecting Fibre Optic HDMI Cable.

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