AV Motion make automated projector solutions that are well made and affordable. The AV Motion projector lift is lightweight, easy to install and fits in most standard UK ceiling voids.  

The Motorised UST slider solves the problem of needing deep cabinets for a UST projector to fill a large image from a set distance. The slider can be placed on top of the cabinet or integrated into the cabinet as an automated draw.  

The AV Motion Integrated TV/Cinema Solution offers a completely hidden big screen experience within a sleek modern cabinet, the package includes the cabinet, UST projector, screen and draw slider.

AV Motion - Automated Hidden projector solutions

Motorised UST Draw Slider

This unit is designed to operate either on top of an AV cabinet or integrated inside to hide the projector within a motorised draw design.

Above cabinet option

The AV Motion UST motorised slider has a maximum extension of 250mm. By fixing the slider to the top of a cabinet the installer can use standard depth 400 – 500mm cabinets and still achieve large projected image sizes. Typically, with only a 450mm cabinet depth, a 120” diagonal image can be projected. The slider has an attractive gloss Black or White finish and near silent operation.

AV Motion - Motorised Ultra Short Throw Draw Slider

Integrated Option

The slider can be installed to the top shelf within a cabinet and is supplied with two “L” profile brackets to fix a draw front to the front of the slider. With the cabinet dimensions provided a simple design can be constructed by a cabinet maker. The cabinet design can be integrated with the Grandview motorised lift up ALR screen.

AV Motion - UST Slider

Built in control and adjustment

The slider can be activated by the included remote control, or by the USB power output of the projector. A 12volt trigger output provides projection screen control. 

The slider can be easily programmed via the remote control to automatically stop at the desired position each time. Once set, this will remain in the sliders internal memory.  

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