Grandview Home Cinema Projector Screens

We hold one of the biggest stock of projection screens in the UK, all for next day delivery to you or to site. From 7ft manual pull downs, to 150” diagonal fixed frame acoustic designs. We even stock Tab Tensioned and in-ceiling recessed screens with motorised trap doors!

All electric screens have built in 12volt trigger, IR and RS232 control. Material is tested and approved by ISF (Imaging Science Foundation). 

Grandview Projector Screens

Grandview 16:9 ALR Lift Up Screen

Grandvew’s new Dynamique Series Tab tensioned Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) Floor up screen features deep black levels, high contrast, excellent color saturation, and wide viewing angle. The Dynamique Series is a perfect pair with any ultra-short throw projectors on the market. You will be able to watch your favorite show even with ambient light on a big screen with a gain of 0.6 and a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

Built in Infra-Red Remote Control and Projector Trigger 
All Grandview Cyber electric screens feature built in infra-red remote control and come with a simple hand held remote. Also included is a 12volt trigger input, this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or surround sound amp with a 12volt output. A 10m mono mini jack cable is available on request to connect the screen to a 12volt output device.

Other features and measurements
Just like televisions, projector screens are measured in imperial feet and inches. The screen is measured by the width of the material from left to right. The standard sizes are 7.5ft (100″) and 9ft (120″) Diagonal.

Grandview ALR Comparison
Size Viewable Area Diagonal Case Measurements Dimensions
7.5ft Wide 2214 x 1245mm 100" W2451 x H102 x D152mm acrobat-icon
9ft Wide 2656 x 1494mm 120" W2893 x H102 x D152mm acrobat-icon

Black grid screen and matt white screen comparison

The special micron-scale grid structure on the surface of the black grid screen blocks the upper interference light source, and the light source of the ultra-short-throw projector below is reflected in parallel, and the images quality is clearer and brighter.

Black grid anti-light principle

The surface has a finely engraved toothed grid that provides targeted reflection of the projected beam at a specific angle. Non image ambient light is absorbed by the special light coating on the other side of the toothed grid. Allowing you to watch the screen clearer during the day

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