Speakercraft Inwall Speakers

Speakercraft Profile Aim LCR3 One

Model: ASM54311
When you combine the visual pleasure of the Profile Flangeless system, with the Timbre matched of all THREE Series, building your media or theatre room is easy when the pieces fit.

AIM LCR speakers deliver powerful, compelling home theater sound in slim, easy-to-mount in-wall models. The front baffles tilt so you can aim the sound exactly where you want it. AIM LCR and AIM LCR3 models are available with Profile grilles as an option.

Woofer Size 3 Inches
Woofer Construction Two 3" Injection Molded Graphite Cone Woofers with Phase Plugs
Tweeter Pivoting Silk Dome
Frequency Response 80Hz - 20kHz
Power Handling 60 Watts
Impedance 8 (Ohms)
Timbre Timbre: Timbre-Matched to All One Series Speakers
Switches N/A
Sensitivity 8dB
Dimensions H 254 x W 146 x D 76mm with Grille
Cutout Dimensions H 227 x W 120mm
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