Speakercraft In-Ceiling Speakers

SpeakerCraft’s patented Aim-able technology is a must for any installation requiring the entire bass and tweeter section to face towards the listening position. The design is perfect for front LCR cinema channels and Dolby Atmos overhead placement.

For music systems the Profile CRS series features a unique WavePlane in front of the driver, for a broader more even sound dispersion.

Speakercraft Profile Aim8 Five

Model: ASM58501
The SpeakerCraft Profile AIM 8 Five AIM Series in-ceiling speakers were the first to feature an aimable woofer/tweeter module that aims the sound in any direction you choose. No longer are you bound by the design of your room. Just mount the speakers wherever it’s convenient and point them wherever you want sound. Profile grilles are available in AIM8, AIM7 and AIM5 models.

Woofer Size 8 Inches
Woofer Construction Pivoting and Rotating 8" Kevlar Cone Woofer
Tweeter Pivoting 1" Aluminum/Magnesium Dome Tweeter
Frequency Response 33Hz-20kHz
Impedance 8 (Ohms)
Switches Front-Mounted Switches Allow for up to ±3dB of Bass and Treble Adjustment
Power Handling 150 (Watts)
Timbre Timbre-Matched to all Five Series Speakers
Sensitivity 91 dB
Crossover Symmetrical 2nd Order Butterworth
Dimensions 291 mm Diameter x 146 mm Depth with Grille
Cutout Dimensions 248 mm Diameter
Speakercraft Steel Enclosure

Steel Enclosure Back Box

SpeakerCraft SE1410-AIM Wide
REF: ASM70800
* Deep Round In-Ceiling Sound Enclosure providing the safety and protection of a one-hour fire break
* Fits All 8″AIM, 8″CRS, 8″DT, and 8.1 & 8.2 BAS, AIM Wide
* Provides up to 10dB of sound suppression between adjacent rooms
* Install easily between studs or joists
* Fire Rated According to UL Standard ASTM E119
* Dimensions: H=356mm W=254mm D=219mm


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