Universal Projector Bracket

Universal Long and Close brackets

Made from machined and extruded aluminium our universal brackets are stronger, sturdier, and less prone to movement over time. The universal projection section simply hooks onto the ceiling section, then safety bolts are added for extra security.

Once the projector is aligned additional hex bolts can be tightened to hold the projector angle firmly in position.  

The long bracket version comes with an additional pole that provides an adjustable drop between 270mm and 430mm.

JVC Close Mount

Due to the excellent lens shift specifications of the JVC range, it is preferable to mount the projector as close to the ceiling as possible.

This very strong design allows the installer to mount the projector only 25mm from the ceiling quickly and easily.

The design features fine horizontal and vertical adjustments to allow the installer to perfectly align the projector with the screen. First the N Range of projectors

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