Grandview Projector Screens

Grandview ALR UST 100″ Fresnel Fixed Frame Screen

The Dynamique Series from Grandview is the most advanced Ambient Light Rejection Screen available, offering deeper black levels, higher contrast and better colour saturation. The screen surface is made up of seven optical layers, including scratch resistant layer, reflecting layer, frensel lens layer, PET layer, hardened layer and coating layer.

  • 100″ Diagonal (22215 x 1245 Viewing area)
  • 12mm Bezal
  • Multi point tensioned design
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Easy Installation
Grandview ALR Fixed Frame Projector Screen
Grandview ALR Screen Material Fixed Frame Screen

The Grandview Dynamique Series has a unique spiral design that directs the light path from the UST projector to the audience, while rejecting ambient light from all other angles. The frame has a visible black 12mm bezal, while a larger frame selection sits behind the material for strength. Multiple springs keep the material under tension, resulting in a glass like projection surface.

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