AV Motion make automated projector solutions that are well made and affordable. The AV Motion projector lift is lightweight, easy to install and fits in most standard UK ceiling voids.  

The Motorised UST slider solves the problem of needing deep cabinets for a UST projector to fill a large image from a set distance. The slider can be placed on top of the cabinet or integrated into the cabinet as an automated draw.  

The AV Motion Integrated TV/Cinema Solution offers a completely hidden big screen experience within a sleek modern cabinet, the package includes the cabinet, UST projector, screen and draw slider.

AV Motion - Automated Hidden projector solutions

Projector Lift MKII

AV Motion – Projector Lift
The lift comes in two sections.

1. The ceiling section, which contains the motor and lifting mechanism. This lightweight cage design mounts into the ceiling and is secured from the sides, straight into the floor joists.

2. The projector section, which has a built-in universal projector mounting system that easily accommodates any projector design in an upside down orientation. The system also easily allows for the fine adjustment of horizontal and vertical tilt, make lining up the project much easier.

Once the ceiling section is fitted, the installer simply lowers the lifting mechanism and “hooks” the projector sections up to it. The rear of the projector is easily accessible, and cables can be connected, picture tested, and projector aligned. When ready, the cover plate is fitted to the underside of the lift with rubber hangers and the lift can be retracted into the ceiling.

In addition to these features the lift has built in 12volt trigger, with a mini jack to connect to the projector and a 12volt out to connect to a screen. So, when the projector is turned on the lift and the screen come down together. An IR remote and manual override is also provided.

AV Motion Projector Lift
  • Lightweight all aluminium
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Built in electronics
  • Operated via IR and 12v trigger
  • 12v trigger out to screen
  • Only 236mm depth required

Projector section makes fitting projectors easy and simply hooks onto in-ceiling section

AV Motion - Projector Lift
Max projector size (mm) H205 x W525 x D560 Inc cables
Max projector weight (kg) 15
Ceiling cut out (mm) 640 x 640
Joist space (left and right) 640mm
Joist space (front to back) 640mm Leave 150mm at front
Min ceiling void 236mm from finished ceiling
Voltage 220-240 AV
Connections 12v trigger in for projector 12v trigger out for screen

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