JVC - World’s first home projector capable of inputting 8K60p/4K120p signals

The worlds first home theatre projectors that feature 8K/60p/4K120p input. They are equipped with a new 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology to reproduce 8K quality images. The projectors are driven by three native 4K D-ILA devices in conjunction with the BLU-Escent laser diode, producing images close to reality. Compatible with the latest HDR10+, the projectors boast industry leading HDR performance. This technology coupled with multi element all glass lens with aluminium barrel produces an unrivalled cinematic projection experience.

JVC DLA-NZ8 4/8K Projector

The DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector is the world first (as of September 2021, according to a research by JVCKENWOOD) home theater model to feature 8K/60p/4K120p input. It is equipped with a new 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology with 4-direction shift to reproduce 8K-quality image from 4K signals. 4K120p input also makes the projector ideal for gaming when combined with Low Latency mode. The projector is driven by three 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices, high-quality 17-element, 15-group all glass 65 mm lens and Ultra-High Contrast Optics that contribute to deliver optical brightness of 2,500 lumens. BLU-Escent laser diode light source also contributes to project the high-resolution 8K image with full depth and dimensionality with longevity of up to 20,000 hours. Compatible with the latest HDR10+, the projector boasts industry leading HDR performance. 8K, Laser, and HDR are the keywords that describe JVCs 2021 projector models.

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The JVC DLA-NZ8 is an exceptional 4K HDR projector that delivers on its promise of taking the company’s existing strengths and adding a host of new cutting-edge features. The BLU-Escent laser light source brings a longer life, greater consistency and brighter images without compromising the black levels or increasing the fan noise. 10 out of 10

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Ultra-High Contrast Optics with 4K D-ILA device

High-resolution images projection reliant on the device and optical system. The refined 0.69-inch 4K D-ILA device has doubled the speed required to display images from 120 Hz to 240 Hz-equivalent. The new Ultra-High contrast optics featured on the DLA-NZ9 and NZ8 contribute to achieve optical brightness as high as 3,000 lumens for the NZ9, 2500 lumens for the NZ8 and 2200 lumens for the NZ7.

JVC DILA Digital Driver
High quality, all glass lens

All glass, high-resolution lens with full aluminium lens barrel

The DLA-NZ8 is equipped with an 17-element, 15-group all-glass lens featuring a full aluminium lens barrel. To project high-resolution 8K images to every corner of the screen, the projector incorporates five ED Lenses calibrated for differences in the R/G/B refractive index to reduce chromatic aberration and colour fringing when lens shift kicks in to deliver precise reproduction of 4K- or 8K resolution projection

JVC Optics

JVC’s original laser diode light source, offers depth and dimensionality to 9K Imagery

Reliability-proved BLU-Escent Laser Diode for exceptional brightness and longevity

The light source for these projectors (except the DLA-N5) is the latest blue laser diode BLU-Escent, which is featured in JVC professional projectors. BLU-Escent technology has been adopted for home theatre projectors to achieve exceptional brightness and longevity of 20,000 hours.

In theory, this amounts to 20 years or more while watching a 2.5 hour movie every day

Laser diode allows dynamic control of brightness to reproduce images that are closer to human perception. Combining the latest BLU-Escent package with the D-ILA device achieves detailed, smooth, powerful video expression.

The advantage of laser diode over lamp is because multiple laser chips make it possible to compensate for the loss of one chip using other chips.

JVC Black levels

Unparalleled black level and high luminance deliver images brimming with reality

Native contrast as high as 100,000:1 is delivered by these projectors’*7 optical
engine alone. But on top of that, in combination with the dynamic light source
control, an astonishing dynamic contrast of ∞ (infinity) :1 can be achieved for
models equipped with the BLU-Escent light source.

*7: Native contrast ratio of 100,000:1 for the DLA-NZ9, 80,000:1 for the NZ8, and 40,000:1 for the NZ7, all with ∞:1 dynamic
contrast ratio. The N5 delivers 40,000:1 native contrast ratio with 400,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Vivid colour images achieved with DCI-P3-equivalent wide colour gamut

The use of a laser light source and cinema filters
enables a wide colour gamut equivalent to DCI-P3,
not to mention BT.709. When HDR content is
projected on the DLA-NZ9 or the NZ8, it’s possible
to richly reproduce colours such as the gradations
of the sky and ocean, the contrast of red roses,
or a row of fresh green trees.

8K Resolution with 8K60p/4K120p Input and JVC original 8K/eshiftX Technology

Because these projectors are equipped with 4K120p input, signal latency is infinitesimal, making it effective when displaying high frame-rate gaming content on large screens. What’s more, Low latency mode reduces delay in displaying PC signals and games, and improves response to the users rapid operations

JVC Gaming

From Blu-ray and gaming consoles to 4K streaming services, native 4K content can be enjoyed to its fullest on JVC D-ILA projectors (4K120p input; the DLA-N5 features 4K60p input only

Equipped with newly developed 8K/e-shiftX technology to achieve 8K resolution

Significant progress has been made to our proprietary 8K/e-shift technology – which combines “e-shift” high-resolution display technology that doubles the resolution by shifting a pixel by 0.5 pixels, and 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA device.

Shift direction has increased from the conventional two diagonal directions to four directions of up, down, left, and right, to enable display of 8K signal information in its entirety. The result is an 8K resolution, enhancing the sense of three-dimensionality and immersion.

JVC 8K eshift

See how the native 4K image becomes sharper with 8K/e-shift processing, and as if it is alive with
8K/e-shiftX processing.

World’s first home projector capable of inputting 8K60p/4K120p signals

These projectors adopt LSIs*2 developed with the latest technology to process the vast amount of 8K input data, and an up converter to bring any source up to high definition 8K resolution. As a result, more beautiful and realistic video images full of contrast and reality can be enjoyed regardless of the source, from video streaming to 4K UHD-BD videos.

Enhanced Industry-leading HDR Performance with the Latest Signal Formats including HDR10 Plus

HDR (High Dynamic Range) drastically improves expressive power of images

When it comes to reproducing the rich video information of HDR content, including the extended brightness range, BT.2020 wide colour gamut and 10-bit gradation, rely on one of the new D-ILA projectors. New models support all HDR formats including HDR10 for Blu-ray and streaming, HLG for broadcasting, and the latest HDR10+*8 signal format with dynamic metadata compatibility.
*8: The DLA-N5 does not support the HDR10+

Support for two dynamic tone mappings

JVC projectors are compatible with the two dynamic tone mappings of HDR10+ and Frame Adapt HDR. HDR10+ contains the metadata of the producer’s intentions for each scene, and with such data, the projector is able to automatically reproduce images as the creator had planned. Frame Adapt HDR instantly analyses the peak brightness in HDR10 content using an original algorithm, and adjusts to the optimal dynamic range for image projection. Even content without mastering information can be analysed based on the input signal, so all kinds of HDR10 content can be viewed with optimal picture quality.

With conventional projectors,
a scene mixed with bright and
dark settings tends to become
too bright or too dark.

Theater Optimizer for optimal reproduction of HDR content suitable to each environment

Brightness of the projector screen varies depending on the screen size, gain, frequency of use, and settings. JVC projectors intelligently adjust tone mapping so that the content can be viewed at the appropriate brightness by automatically analysing the environment in which the projector is used, simply by entering the screen size and gain information under Theater Optimizer in the Frame Adapt HDR picture mode. This ensures reference picture quality at the appropriate brightness, suitable to each custom home theatre environment.

JVC projectors featuring Frame Adapt HDR and Theater Optimizer can express HDR/HDR10+ content at optimum brightness and darkness in each scene as the creator intended


The function is disabled when inputting 4K120p signals.

Clear Motion Drive’s compensation accuracy has
been improved in the periphery of intersecting objects. Added with Motion Enhance technology, the projector can reproduce much smoother moving images

Auto Calibration function optimizes all essential elements found in the image, including colour balance, gamma characteristics, colour space, and colour tracking, using an optical sensor and proprietary software*

* An optical sensor and proprietary software, which is downloadable from JVC website, are required to perform auto calibration function. Refer to the JVC website for details.

6-axis Colour Management System with red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow axes enables the precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and intensity

Installation Mode allows users to centrally manage eight settings (Lens Control, Pixel Adjustment, Mask, Anamorphic on or off, Screen Setting, Installation Style, Keystone, and Aspect) to enjoy projected video optimized for each environment. Ten different mode settings can be named and stored in memory.

Installation Mode and Memory graphical interfaces

Lens Shift function is used to install the projector with flexibility. Vertical/horizontal wide shift ranges help project images without distortion.

Left diagram shows shift range for the 16:9 aspect ratio projection

Intake/exhaust layout and Footprint designed for ease of installation. Rear air intake and front exhaust layout provide flexibility for a variety of installations. Screw holes at the feet are compatible with a conventional ceiling-mount bracket, while the
anti-skid grooves prevent the projector from slipping when installed.

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